FABIO PUGLISI is an Italian musician and producer who first came to our notice via his work with the excellent Soul Basement. For the last few years he’s also been leading a  jazz trio, THE PARK AVENUE EXPERIENCE who have just released a new album, ‘Time And Time Again’

The new 10 tracker is their follow up to last November’s Structures’. That one was a delightful, melodic  jazz offering that offered classy, soul-based grooves alongside more relaxing, laid back items and ‘Time And Time Again’ delivers a similar musical menu.

Amongst the more “up” items is the bass-led, spaced out ‘Time Out’, the gentle, mid-tempo  ‘It’s All About Love’ and the bright ‘Daylight Loft’. If chill’s your thing you’ll find plenty to satisfy – tunes like ‘With A Smile’, ‘Sea Waves And Time’ and ’Just As You Are’ are all perfect for those more meditative moments.

In our post on the band’s last album,’ Structures’ we made comparison to the work of Bob James and nothing on ‘Time And Time Again’ has made us change our minds. What you get here is melodic, smooth jazz (that is never bland) but which reveals deeper complexities with repeated plays.

Learn more  @ https://www.facebook.com/theparkavenueexperience/  It’s out now via Jinurock Records