“THUMPAHLENAH” (an obvious play on the name of the fairy tale character Thumbelina) is the nickname of renowned US vocalist and bassist NIK WEST. That nickname was conferred on Ms West by none other than Larry Graham – who, of course, knows a thing or two about playing bass!

Nik says: “”Thumpahlenah” is the name that Larry Graham gave me because he said the way I THUMP (slap the bass) reminds him of a superhero. He said, “so many musicians have the notes under their fingers but they don’t have the FEEL. I can feel everything you play””.

So no surprise then to learn that Larry has collaborated with Nik on her new single, appropriately called ‘Thumpahlenah’.. and the music is (obviously) a bass-heavy blend of funk, soul and deep rhythms…and (again) obviously hints of Sly and the Family Stone and dear old Prince.

The bass lines are out there, of course, but there’s also a hypnotic vocal and chanting that adds to the tune’s  magnetism. The lyric, by the way, deals with how a female bassist broke into what was (maybe still is) a male dominated field. Out now!