CYNTHIA JONES is a Grammy® and Stellar Award-nominated vocalist and songwriter from Raleigh North Carolina . On disc she debuted  back in 2000 with  her album ‘Almost Midnight’ and since then she’s built up a wonderful catalogue of music that has seen her installed  as major player on the US gospel circuit where her neo-soul approach to the music is  almost unique.

Cynthia’s latest single is already making inroads in the States. It’s a compelling neo-soul flavoured groove, ‘Lifeline’ which was inspired by a verse from St John’s Gospel (15.5) . And sure, the message in the music is religious in context – but you can also enjoy the music  secularly too. It’s about staying connected to a significant other – for Cynthia, obviously,  it’s Jesus – for non-believers it could be a significant other.

But it’s the track’s soundscape that captivates. It’s smooth yet soulful and the groove is perfect for Chicago style slower-stepping. The star of the show though is Ms Jones’ vocal which underlines why she’s enjoyed so many top award nominations  and is now affectionately known as “the Queen of Neo-Soul Gospel.”

CYNTHIA JONES: ‘Lifeline’ out now and recommended!