Over the last few months Hip Hop/Rap/Urban/Dance/World artist Prem Sharma, in his soulful RICH BEGGAR alter ego, has established himself as a major player on the Brit soul scene. Two mixes of his ‘Who Can Be Sure’ were high rollers  on all  the credible UK soul charts – a feat sure to be repeated by RB’s latest single – his emotive reading of the 1991 Mint Condition tune, ‘Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)’.

For his take on the song, RB shortens the title to simply, ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ but in doing so loses none of the charm of the original. The mix comes courtesy of Georgie B of the Groove Association and George keeps  the melodic elements high in the mix but sprinkles the whole affair with a flavour that harks back to those classic EWF slowies. You’ll love the blistering horn solo too. There’s a live feel to proceedings and little wonder that tastemakers like Robbie Vincent are right behind it.

I’ve just read that copies of the original Mint Condition version are going upwards of £70! Hey, don’t waste your money, Rich Beggar’s ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ is every bit as good – even better, some would say! Learn more @