CINDY BRADLEY hails from Buffalo, New York and is one of a growing number of female jazz instrumentalists. Cindy is a trumpet player – an instrument she took to after rejecting piano! She has a bachelor’s degree in jazz studies and music education from Ithaca College and then went to the New England Conservatory to study for her master’s in jazz trumpet performance. After earning her degrees, Cindy immediately headed to the New York City and immersed herself in the vibrant jazz scene there

Her latest album is, ‘The Little Things’ and it’s already winning plenty of plays on the US’s top smooth jazz stations… easy to hear why; it ticks all the boxes that smooth jazz demands. It’s easy on the ear all the way; it’s slickly produced; and it’s a balanced mix of up-tempo, soul based grooves and slinky slow jams. Catchiest of the beaters is the crisp ‘Grey Area’ which reminds me a lot of those great old Down To The Bone tunes. ‘Exhale’ is a sweet Quiet Storm moment but it’s the title cut that has the most impact. Here Cindy’s clear horn lines are echoed by Earl Klugh style acoustic guitar flourishes.

CINDY BRADLEY; The Little Things – out now on Trippin’ and Rhythm