By common consent Baltimore’s THOMMY DAVIS is a proper soulful house don. He’s been in the business for something like 40 years! In that time, he’s worked with people like Jump Street Records, the Basement Boys, Teddy Douglas, Mass Order and Ultra Nate and of course there are his acclaimed collaborations with fellow Baltimorean, DJ Spen. Indeed, Thom’s July 2020 LP, ‘Mr Davis’ was another sparkling Spen collaboration and it was rightly acclaimed as a soulful house future classic boosting ab fab versions of tunes like ‘MacArthur Park’, ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and ‘Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby’. Helping Mr D deliver was a team of genre-leading vocalists like Richard Burton and Tasha La Rae and the album’s kept plenty of soulful house heads happy and bopping through the lockdown and beyond.

Now to keep those boppers bopping Thommy and Spen have issued a remixed EP. They’ve taken two of the album tracks ‘Hot Shot’ (originally by Karen Young, of course) and ‘I Love You More’ (the Rene and Angela tune) and had three top names re-imagine them… they are Opolopo, Mr Eclectic Ngoma and good ‘ole Ronnie Herel.  Now we’re not saying the new tweaks are better than the original LP cuts, but they just offer new perspectives and fresh ideas to keep us on our toes for whatever might be around the corner!