BGP’s latest compilation takes a look at the jazz, soul and funk that emanated from America’s black urban communities in that most troubled and confused of decades… the 1970s. The selected tunes reflect the musicians’ attitude to Vietnam, Nixon, social unrest, civil rights, urban deprivation and a whole lot of other topics too! If that all sounds a tad heavy then be reassured there are plenty of lighter moments too, expressed in cuts like Oliver Sain’s ‘St Louis Breakdown’. The message is, sure we got a whole bunch of problems but at least we can dance our cares away!

Featured artists include Pretty Purdie, Funkadelic, Dave Hamilton, Groove Holmes, Oliver Nelson and Clarence Coulter who provides the album’s title tune… ‘Things Gonna Get Better’. The track is a rough and ready production from Dave Hamilton’s Detroit studio and is one of a number of previously unissued tracks on the album.

‘THINGS GONNA GET BETTER’ is out now on Ace/BGP.