Latest single from the prolific QUANTIZE label features a collaboration between two of London’s finest soulful ladies…..PARIS CESVETTE & HANNAH KHEMOH.

Ms C is a top international DJ, music producer, and artist who has been making waves in the music industry for over a decade. Influenced by her Jamaican / Cuban heritage and a love for soul, funk, and Jazz, she’s worked with some big names – names  Jean Baylor, Will Downing, Frank McComb, Leee John, and Oma!  Hannah is a proper Eastender and has been making music since 2008 then doing BVs for people like Grace Jones and Bryan Ferry. She was also one half of soulful house duo HanLei and has worked with some big “house names” – now, of course, Paris Cesvette.

Their coming together has produced an uplifting ‘Better’  – a declaration of love in all its varied guises. Paris’ experience in the biz shines through in the musicianship and the beats while Hannah delivers with real commitment. Right  now the tune comes  in  extended vocal and instrumental mixes that are classically soulful house with hints of afro percussions and rhythms. Cliché warning !!! Does soulful   house get any “better”!!!!

‘Better’ out now on Quantize Recordings.