It was last summer when CANDACE WOODSON released her ‘Desire’ long player. With her roots in gospel and a music graduate of the Tennessee State University in Nashville, Ms W. impressed with her take on smooth and sophisticated soul.

With no new music forthcoming, her people have just released a key album track as a single… and ‘Nothing Better’ underlines why some music biz insiders have dubbed Candace, “the Queen of Sophisticated Soul”.

Candace says of the song: “This song was written in memory of a friend who died and left behind five young children. He was a truck driver trying his best to provide for his family and for himself, but it brought on a lot of stress physically and emotionally resulting in a tragic accident ending his life. So I asked myself what is more important, stressing oneself over financial responsibilities or staying alive and working through problems together to relieve one’s stress? This song talks about the simple things, a smile, beauty in life, just being together. No money or material things will replace love, there’s nothing better than love.”

Candace’s ‘Nothing Better’ is out now on Expansion Records.