MR BIRD (Steve Bird, pictured above) is a DJ and multi-instrumentalist who, over the years, has  released a number of albums under a number of monikers and with a number of collaborators. Most of ‘em welcomed and well received by those who like their music a little different, a little left field but with a soulful undertow

Steve’s latest single is a collaboration with New York based, Trinidad & Tobago born singer JOHN SKWEIRD (pictured below). The song, ‘Better Place’ is a bittersweet tale of a loss of faith with the singer playing the role of a  man at the end of his tether searching for some kind of redemption. John delivers with a convincing soulfulness while the Bird-man crafts an intriguing sonic palette – a bouncy rhythm, funky guitar, cheeky synth stabs and, most interesting of all, a catchy glockenspiel  riff!.

The  team’s PR people call ‘Better Place’ “Gospel blues meets neo-soul” – check how accurate that is via some diligent investigation when the track wins release late August on Tangential Music