Just last month we enthused about a sweet single, ‘Forever and Ever’ from a group of young musicians (all under 20!) from Hawthorne, California – THEE HEART TONES. Despite their age the band channel the current, popular retro soul sound and many suggested that ‘Forever And Ever’ was  future Chicano/Low Rider Soul classic.

The tune has now won vinyl release (via Bandcamp) and it’s lost none of its naïve charm – mainly down to the gentle but sincere vocals of Jazmine Alvarado. The B side to the 7” is another romantic outing – a cover (sung in Spanish) of Alvaro Carillo’s ‘Sabor A Mi’. Carillo was a famous Mexican singer/songwriter and his ‘Sabor A Mi’ (translated as “Taste Of Me”) was originally released in 1959 as a stalely bolero. It’s been covered many times, most notably by Los Lobos, but Thee Heart Tones take it right on down to Low Rider Soulsville.

Together, ‘Forever and Ever’ and ‘Sabor A Mi’ make a lovely, romantic 45. Learn more via Bandcamp.