As 2010 draws to an end the imaginative little TRU THOUGHTS label releases its second ‘SHAPES’ compilation of the year. Put together by head man Robert Luis, it offers a sparkling 30 tracks from right across the label’s output, but like all previous ‘Shapes’ sets, it’s not just a re-hash of old cuts. The set, you see, boasts more previously unreleased and exclusive cuts than any earlier ‘Shapes’ albums, while many of the tunes here have only ever been available on limited edition vinyl.

There are lots of highlights and what you choose may well depend on your mood – with the first CD being a little more laid back and the second aimed more at the dance floor. My hat-trick picks would be The Lanu Remix of Kylie Auldist’s ‘Community Service Announcement’, the reggae-infused Boub tweak of Alice Russell’s’ ‘Hurry On Now’ and a lovely, simple acoustic remix of the Bamboos’ ‘Like Tears In The Rain’ (featuring that Auldist girl again!).

Those with more energetic feet and more adventurous ears will find their own faves…. the album – SHAPES 10:02 – from TRU THOUGHTS hits the racks on December 6th.