Latest offering from RAMROCK RECORDS is a three track EP from Indo/Swedish/Dutch singer/ songwriter NICOLE CASSANDRA SMIT and the mini album offers three mixes of Ms S’s tune, ‘Strong Woman’.

The song originated via Ramrock mainstay Jospeh Malik and it told the story of a man getting ready to go out to meet his girl… simple! He offered the song to Nicole who flipped it to put the  woman in control – a positive affirmation of confident womanhood!

Nicole’s original version was featured on The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on 6Music and listeners were impressed by the message and the tune’s insistent vibe. Mixer and another Ramrock mainstay, Ashley Beedle, knew there was a little more to the song. So he took it back to the studio and envisaged it as country influenced Southern soul song – much in the vein of Muscle Shoals and Memphis; and thus that’s the sound on the insinuating North Street West mix … store front piano, muted horns and Hammond à la Booker T… oh, and don’t forget the sultry vocal.

The ‘Strong Woman’ EP offers three tweaks – the original, the North Street West mix and the instrumental and it will be good to go from December 17th