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Over the last few years, the soul world has gotten  to know all about Argentinean mod/muso/soul and jazz collector and fan  KEVIN FINGIER (above) and his occasional band – the COLLECTIVE. He’s released a slew of  soulfully-tinged, Latin-flavoured, retro singles on his Acid-Jazz distributed Fingier label. And if you’re already a fan, or maybe Mr F’s music has passed you  by, you can familiarise yourself with him via a  whole album’s worth of Kev’s music… ‘El Sondido De Fingier Records’ – we think that means “the Sound of Fingier Records”. By the way, Kevin also acts as a consultant for UK boutique label MD RECORDS, so  clearly he knows where it’s at!

Those of you familiar with the Fingier label singles will know that Kevin melds Soul, R&B, Boogaloo and Funk into a tasty, authentic  60s cocktail and indeed the 8 tracks that made up his  four singles (A & B sides) are at the core of the LP. If you missed the singles we need to tell you that the vinyl has all sold out – so this album’s the best way to access ‘em in one neat little place.

Helping Kevin  flesh out his sounds are The Collective  and a team of top vocalists including Diane Ward, Jo Ann Hamilton, Gerri Grainger, Brazil’s Josi Dias and Senegalese vocalist/ percussionist Abdoulaye Badiane. Yes, of course, it’s “that Gerri Grainger” – the Northern soul legend who lends her vocal here to the rough and tough, “for real” ‘Dont Wanna Cry No More’.

Dean Rudland who knows a thing or two about “for real” sounds say: “For the last two years there has been excitement and anticipation as each new single has appeared on Fingier Records, and an urgency to own each of their dynamic and sometimes scarce recordings. Kevin Fingier’s unique take on classic R&B, soul, funk and samba has taken us on a journey. It’s been an honour for Acid Jazz to accompany him on that journey, and a thrill to gather those recordings together on this essential compilation”. 

‘El Sondido De Fingier Records’ is out now via Acid Jazz/Fingier Records.