Plenty of soul collectors have fond memories of 70s funk/disco band RIPPLE.  Their biggest hits were ‘I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky’ and the disco anthem ‘The Beat Goes On And On.’ After a hiatus, the band made a comeback as RIPPLE 2.20. featuring two original members – Curtis “Kazoo” Reynolds & Keith “Doc” Samuels. They impressed with a cover of the John Edwards ballad, ‘Exercise My Love’ and a re-recording of ‘I Don’t Know What It  Is, But It Sure Is Funky.’

The new Ripple team have just released another new single that pairs two contrasting sounds. The A side is a soulful, adult-oriented  ballad ‘If I Don’t Love You’. It’s properly old school and the good “Doc” does a great job on the emotion-wringing front. The release’s putative B  side is a lighter, up-tempo  ‘Hey, Hey Baby’. It’s catchy and poppy and both cuts are good to go right now!