Twelve months or so ago soul spinner BRIAN POWER launched his SOULHOUSE MUSIC label. Bri’s mission statement was to create quality soulful house, with the emphasis on the soulful. You probably remember the label’s wonderful Rebecca Scales vocalised ‘So Long Gone’!

Soulhouse’s latest release is every bit as good… it’s a re-tooling of a classic Luther Vandross tune. ..’I Wanted Your Love’. For the recording, Mr Power has brought in top jock Ronnie Herel to co-produce and Big Ron has brought in his old mate Ali Tennant to handle the vocal.

Now, we’re not saying that this new soulful housified version is better than Luther’s… how could it be! But let’s say it’s different … big, beaty, brash and with loadsa respect for the original. What will strike you right away is the uncanny vocal similarity between Ali Tennant and dear old Luther… remarkable!

BRIAN POWER/RONNIE HEREL feat ALI TENNANT ‘I Wanted Your Love’ is on Traxsource now ; itunes et al from February 17th