One of the most intriguing, challenging and downright soulful series of albums over the last few years has been the ‘1968 trilogy’ from New York’s RASHEED ALI. First we had ‘1968 Soul Power’; then there was ‘1968: Black Power’ which was followed by ‘1968: Love Power’.

As someone much more eloquent than me once said, Rasheed’s message was in his music and thankfully that music and those messages keep on coming. Mr A, you see, is all set to release a brand new collection… ‘1968:The Other Side Of Town’ of which he says: “1968 is the sound of a generation. A musical time machine that detours into the imagination. A coming-of-age story for a generation of radical, free thinking kids. I wanted old heads to remember their unique consciousness and younger generations, like my sons, to understand some things I had lived.”

Full review of the album here @ SJF very soon.