Nottingham-based blue-eyed artist SHARON WATKINS is new name to us but on the strength of her latest single, we’d love to hear more. Said single is a building, soulful  ballad, ‘The One That Got Away’. The song is intimate and deals with escaping a toxic relationship and finding the resolve in starting over. It’s  Ms Watkins’ performance however that  grabs the attention – mature and convincing. In many ways both song and performance might remind you of rising star Mica Millar. The recording has that currently popular, deep emotional tug!

‘The One That Got Away’ is Sharon’s third single, following ‘Proud’ and ‘Stranded’ which between them garnered 400k hits on YOUTUBE and Spotify. We believe that all three songs  are from the singer’s debut album.

‘The One That Got Away’ comes complete with a striking video which features a dance choreographed beautifully by Kate Bush collaborator Stewart Arnold and the main dancer is Florivaldo Mossi noted for playing Michael Jackson in the West End show ‘Thriller Live’. The dance is used as a symbol of the relationship at various points culminating in the leap off the stage to be symbolic of the escape with Sharon diving underwater to find solace following the end of the relationship.