HEATHER BOND is a Nashville-based singer/song writer. She released her debut solo album ‘So Long’  in 2015 and now follows that with a new set, ‘The Mess We Created’. The album was trailed by a sweet, poppy confection, ‘Mirage’ that  was produced by Viktor Krauss (in-demand bassist and brother of Alison).  The song became one of the year’s top 100 most played songs on Nashville’s Lightning 100 radio, inspiring Bond and Krauss to continue working together on a full album. And, no surprise, the ‘The Mess We Created’ channels more of the same melodic sweetness with here a hint of Americana and elsewhere just a garnish of blue-eyed soul with a laid back jazz vibe. Think, maybe, Norah Jones.

Yes, the music on ‘The Mess We Created’ is sweet (Ms Bond possesses a clear and pure voice) but her lyrics offer a depth that is sometimes at odds with that honeyed delivery. Sure there are songs about love, seduction, and heartbreak but she also touches on the perils of social media, the world of nostalgia and the murk of politics… intelligent and adult.

It’s on the ballads that Heather’s crystalline voice really shines… try ‘All MyLove’. The closer, ‘Feel It’ is different… tough, with the vocals riding a funky guitar riff. In between expect plenty of variety.

HEATHER BOND: ‘The Mess We Created’ is released 25th February.