Though in his own country (Canada) soul man GARY BEALS is something of a veteran, it’s only this year that over this side of the pond we’ve really become aware of him. That awareness came about via a brace of singles – the classic throwback sound of  ‘All Of Me’ and the deeper ballad, ‘How Do I Say (I Love You)’. Intrigued, we learned that Mr B has a CV that goes back to 2003 when he was runner up in Canada’s  first season of Pop Idol. Since then he’s released three albums that reflected his love for classic soul.

The two singles which we enjoyed were released here via boutique label LRK RECORDS and that’s the imprint for Gary’s new album, ‘The Meldoy Within’ which has just been issued. Both the aforementioned singles are featured on the 14 tracker and they reflect the variety of the music. Where ‘All Of Me’ was/is fast, frantic even;  How Do I Say (I Love You)’ was/is gentle and introspective and across the album you’ll get plenty more variety – in tempo, in mood, in genre even!

Gary explains: “This album serves as the aftermath to my previous album, ‘Bleed My Truth’. It’s a continuation of my musical journey, a fusion of soulful melodies and diverse influences that mirror both my personal and artistic evolution. Each song is a chapter, a piece of my heart and soul, inviting listeners into my world of emotions, experiences and connection. It uncovers the melody that resides within. “ Thus to deliver each chapter Gary’s chosen specific sounds and styles to reflect that inner journey.

In some ways, therefore we could call ‘The Melody Within’ a concept album and just like recordings back in the day he has  envisaged the album as having an A side and a B side. The tracks on the A side  draws inspiration from the likes of Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown – classic soul, if you would. It’s here that you’ll find the album’s title track which underlines the LP’s theme – the process of self-discovery and introspection.

The tracks on the putative B side have a more contemporary vibe – a fusion of R&B and pop elements though they’re still true to Gary’ passion for soul music. One of the side’s  focus cuts is ‘I Like That’ featuring JRDN and KAYO which proves that Gary  can “do” contemporary R&B with the best.

GARY BEALS’ album ‘THE MELODY WITHIN’ is out now via LRK RECORDS. For collectors there’s a limited edition (300 copies) vinyl release and a new vinyl single which pairs ‘All Of Me’ with ‘Self-Revolution’. Learn more @