‘The Look Of Love’ is a Bacharach/David classic. The tune was written in 1966 and was first recorded by Stan Getz. The following year, Bacharach included a Dusty Springfield vocal version on the soundtrack of the James Bond spoof film ‘Casino Royale’ and that reading remains the yardstick against which all other versions are measured. And you won’t need me to tell you that there have been countless covers of the tune!  A web site which logs such things lists 177 covers of the ‘Look Of Love’ and to those we can now add a new one from WENDY DALE YOUNG.

Ms Young is a US singer/songwriter and author and for her version of ‘The Look Of Love’ she’s teamed up with former Motown producer, Michael B. Sutton and between them they craft something a little different . It’s smooth jazz with a subtle Latin undertow and  offers a different perspective on something very familiar. Out now!