THE TESKEY BROTHERS are an Australian band who deliver a very special antipodean take on Southern soul and blues, both garnished with rock flourishes. They were  formed  2008 by brothers Josh (vocals/guitar) and Sam (lead guitar); they’re aided and abetted by bassist Brendon Love and drummer Liam Gough and if a gritty take on 60s/70s soul and blues is your boat floater then you could do worse than investigate their upcoming album, ‘The Winding Way’ which be good to go via Decca from June 16th.

‘The Winding Way’ will be the Teskeys’  third studio set, following their 2017 debut, ‘Half Mile Harvest’ and 2019’s ‘Run Home Slow’ and the band teams tell us that with the new collection they wanted to create something a little different. Thus, they recorded in a different studio (their old home studio, Half Mile Harvest had closed anyway) and hooked up with a new producer, Eric J Dubowsky. Sam Teskey says: “We didn’t want to go for a producer that was too close to our genre. We just wanted to branch out a bit and try to explore someone who was a bit down a different avenue.”

In truth, though, the  soundscape, is not a million miles away from what they’ve previously delivered. The productions are maybe bigger, more ambitious, brassier and some of the music veers more to rock and country (‘What Will Be’ has a real country feel) but the set’s still  tough and gritty and in places you’d be forgiven for thinking that some of the music was cut down in Memphis or Muscle Shoals. Try the mournful ‘I’m Leaving’ to see what we mean. The most immediate grabber on the album is ‘This Will Be Our Year’ – catchy and soulful.

THE TESKEY BROTHERS; ‘The Winding Way’   via Ivy League/Decca

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