Latest release from UK blue-eyed soulstress JOANNA COOKE is an urgent, building, convincing, ‘Still Healing’. The big production is down to Mark Edwards who gives the track real depth and Ms Cooke delivers with passion and commitment as the track builds and builds  – listen up to the scat outro.

The message in the music is about focussing on how it feels to be criticised by peers and those around you and the importance of following your own path. And the soundscape reflects that realisation.  Joanna says; ”This one hits me in the chest every time from the very first beat and I totally loved the process of working up harmonies around the lead vocal as they came to us in the room”.

Still Healing’ is a consummate piece of contemporary Brit blue-eyed soul and adds to the upwards momentum that Joanna created with her lauded ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP. Find out more @