Soulstress TERRI GREEN hails from Washington D.C but now she works on mainland Europe where she’s enjoyed multiple hits in Spain and Germany. House and dance heads might recognize her musical alter ego – Terri B and they’ll surely know her work with people like David Guetta, the late Avicii, Cazzette, Dj Antoine, Bob Sinclair, and Roger Sanchez.

Earlier this year she impressed many, when, fronting the Terri Green Project, she hit the soulful disco nail on the head with her ‘Night To Remember’. Produced by Toddi Reed, it wasn’t the Shalamar tune, but in all kinds of mixes it topped all kinds of dance charts.

It was the lead track on an EP, but it was the EP’s “other tune”, ‘Giving It Up’ that really caught the attention of the, shall we say, more discerning soul crowd. It’s a proper weekender style anthem and the good news is that the little corker is out again in elaborate remix form…. no less than 5 mixes that all come in radio and extended formats alongside an instrumental track! All very confusing but I’m sure the aforementioned discerning soul crowd will go straight to the Nigel Lowis mix… it’s a beaut! Knowing Lowis’s predilections you won’t be surprised to learn that there’s a Philly flavour to this. Mr L wisely keeps the Junior Walker style sax break and the tinkling vibes are a real delight.

The other mixes come via Todd Reed, LA Rush and Bruno Verdugo – good stuff all round, but my money says that the ab fab Nigel Lowis mix will be the one to fly. It’s out May 31st on Reverb.