MF ROBOTS (the duo comprising of ex Brand New Heavy, Jan Kincaid and sometime Heavy/sometime solo performer/sometime top sessioneer, Dawn Joseph) have been making great Brit soul since 2015 – their mission statement was to create a music  that had energy and positivity; music that works against the negativity that so many face in the everyday grind; music that is a far cry from the generic, formulaic, “safe” music that seems the contemporary norm; music for people – not music for robots. Hence the duo’s ironic moniker!

So far Jan and Dawn have delivered and continue to do so with their latest single ‘Gold’. But don’t take our word for that – take a sneak at the UK soul chart; ‘Gold’ is already riding high and rightly so. It’s a cheerful, unusual Brit soul groove  that rides a wave of gentle optimism. Ms Joseph’s vocal performance soars  beautifully – a counterpoint to  Jan’s first-verse cameo!

The good news is that there’s plenty more on the way .’Gold’ is the scene setter for the Robot’s upcoming album, ‘Break The Wall’. More of that very soon. In the meantime check out ‘Gold’ – it won’t disappoint!