WESLEY BRIGHT is a US soulster who  began his career in Akron, Ohio  fronting the Honeytones. Out on his own he made waves with his  single ‘Come Right Back’ .

For his latest single, Wesley’s teamed up with New York’s Ben Pirani & The Means Of Production to deliver a midtempo rider, ‘6 Minute Mile’. It’s a sweet and mellow groove  and like  those great soul cuts of yesteryears (and indeed his own ‘Come Right Back’), this ‘6 Minute Mile’ comes in a part 1 and a part 2; the A side (part 1) is a heartfelt profession of love and devotion; the B side (part 2) is a spaced out but gentle groove with swirling delayed synth melodies and acoustic guitar fills – all very pleasant and out now via Palmetto Street Recording Co.