DOCTOR BIONIC is the alter ego Cincinnati-based DJ and producer Jason Grimez. He’s a veteran collector and crate digger who also loves to make music. His  first forays were with hip-hop combo, Mood but “Doctor Bionic” is his latest project – the “band” is a loose collective of some of Cincinnati’s finest studio musicians who create a non-genre specific instrumental sound. That said, it’s raw with a soulful undertow which you can check out via their just released album, ‘In The Infinite’.

With the art work (above) and track titles like ‘The Madness Of Crowds’ and ‘Beyond Time And Space; you’ll know this isn’t your typical soul and/r funk album but there’s plenty of charm and intrigue about the inventive music. Try ‘Pretty Lady’ which features some wonderful horn parts or the catchy ‘Magnetism’ with guitar parts that might recall people like Grant Green.

In The Infinite’ won’t be everyone’s cup of soul (or even funk or jazz tear)  but if you have adventurous ears you’ll discover something a little different and enjoyable. It’s out now via Grimez’s own Chiefdom Records.