‘The Devil Is Back’ is the latest album from Danish blue-eyed soul man, MIKE ANDERSEN and it marks something of a departure for Mike. Till now he’s self-produced everything himself; now, for the first time he’s working with an outside producedr Mads Michelsen, drummer in Danish band Gnags. Mads (great name or what?) has worked on over 2500 recordinsg and brings a fresh perspective to Andersen’s music – accentuated by the fact the duo decamped to Nashville to write songs and prepare the album.

Sonically the album is more blues than soul – rocky in places (try ‘sweet Tooth’) but the soul crowd will need to check out ‘This Time’ –a stately, soulful duet with Ms Joss Stone. Other album guests are the Muscle Shoals Horns who blow on ‘When You’re High It Don’t Count’ and ‘Wake Up’.

MIKE ANDERSEN: ‘The Devil Is Back’ is released on Nordic Music Society on June 2nd.