Winter draws on! But still good to think about summer days and sun kissed soul as an antidote to these dark, cold, melancholic December days. And here’s a new tune that might just do that!

We’re recommending ‘When The Devil’s Paid’ – a collaboration between Finnish sax star TIMO LASSY, Brazilian jazz/soul icon ED MOTTA and London based writer/producer ROB GALLAGHER (credits include Earl Zinger and Galliano).

The classy original mix of ‘When The Devil’s Paid’ is a smooth slab of samba in the soul/jazz mode… think Secret Agent movies, maybe Austin Powers even!

The song’s three alternative mixes are even more adventurous. The Jimi Tenor mix mines a sparse Afrobeat vein; the Alex Trebo mix (which highlights the sax), is best described as a Nu Jazz rub; while the Vanilla Dream drum and bass mix speaks for itself.

TIMO LASSY feat. ED MOTTA ‘When The Devil’s Paid’ includes remixes by Jimi Tenor, Alex Trebo & Vanilla Dream is out now on new 10″ vinyl & digital EP on Must Have Jazz/Membran Records