Latest project from Papik main man NERIO “PAPIK” POGGI is a collaboration with Italian composer, multi-instrumentalist and pianist PETER DE GIROLAMO. Over the years he’s been a part of the main Papik project but right now he’s focusing on his own album which has been helmed by Nerio.

The album is a ten tracker, ‘Cocktail Piano’, and that title perfectly sums up the sound, yes, to quote the hackneyed TV ad “it does exactly what it says on the tin”. The set is mainly a covers collection, and you can probably guess some of the titles/tunesmiths. Yep, there’s a smattering of Burt Bacharach (‘Walk On By’, ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’) and, of course, a Jobim (‘Waves’). Bobby Hebb’s perennial soul tune ‘Sunny’ is in the mix too (it was always a soul-jazz fave) alongside a few surprises like Hamish Stuart’s ‘Whatcha Gonna Do For Me’ and take on Robert Miles’ ‘Children’ which is the focus single with appeal tp not just jazz loungers but to Ibizan chillers too! The cover of Quincy Jones’ ‘Secret Garden’  fits that bill too.

‘Cocktail Piano’ is never going to set the world alight – it was never intended to. It  does though offer some tranquillity is an ever-busy, post lockdown world. Enjoy it at a Hilton or Marriot near you very soon. Out now on Irma Records.