‘The Blues Don’t Lie’ is the latest album from blues veteran BUDDY GUY. (The Louisiana -born singer/guitarist is 86!) The LP is Buddy’s 34th studio album, and the follow up to 2018’s Grammy winning album ‘The Blues Is Alive and Well’. It was produced by songwriter / drummer Tom Hambridge and features guests including Mavis Staples, Elvis Costello, James Taylor, Jason Isbell, and more.

Indeed Ms Staples features on the album’s lead single, a lovely slice of blues nostalgia , ‘We Go Back’ that references things like the assassination of Martin Luther King. Its gutsy honesty proves that in the music biz,  experience counts for an awful lot! The B side is a more contemporary ‘Gunsmoke Blues’ which deals with America’s serious gun issues.

Buddy’s team tell us that ‘The Blues Don’t Lie’ tells the story of  the artist’s  lifelong journey. Reflecting on this body of work, Buddy says “I promised them all: B.B., Muddy, Sonny Boy as long as I’m alive I’m going to keep the blues alive.” The album is proof he’s doing just that!