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MAYA BLANDY is an  up and coming  young Portuguese singer/songwriter. This year we’ve enjoyed two singles from her – the disco dancer ‘Stardust’ and ‘‘Disco Nights’ which despite its title was a tad more soulful. Big and brassy, it recalled the best of Chic.

Ms B is now lining up a third single – ‘B.I.B. (Bitch In  Black)’. Like the first two tunes, this one has been produced by Jake Wherry – founding member and producer of UK hip-hop pioneers, The Herbaliser. Jake crafted the tough beats for the track with a rapper in mind but deep down he knew that Maya with her love for artists as diverse as Erykah Badu and Dusty Springfield could deliver – and she does!

Maya loved the track. She wrote the lyrics and added some flourishes to the melody giving the cut a peculiar flavour – an intriguing hybrid of hip-hop and 30s jazz! Lyrically the song depicts the dysfunctional dynamics of a woman madly in love, willing to do anything to have that love reciprocated and Ms B injects just the right amount of venom into the recording!

The cut is garnished with some tasty, jazzy  brass work  arranged by  trombonist Trevor Mires who’s worked with people like Jamiroquai, Incognito and George Benson. But Maya’s sensual, sultry vocal is the star of the show here and we’re sure she won’t mind if we say there’s a whiff of dear Amy Winehouse about proceedings. Like the previous two singles’, – ‘B.I.B. (Bitch In  Black) will feature in Maya’s upcoming long player.

‘B.I.B. (Bitch In  Black)’ is released on November 24th.