At the beginning of August dear old LIGHT OF THE WORLD made a welcome return with the EWF flavoured ‘Temperatures Rising’. The tune came in three mixes – all which had their own virtues, though we pumped for the soulful “exotic” mix.

The band’s backbone is now Gee Bello (Vocals/Percussion), Nat Augustin (Vocals/Guitar) and Mel Gaynor (Drums) and they tell us that there’s a new album, ‘Jazz Funk Powers’ in the pipeline but in the meantime, there’s a fourth mix of ‘Temperatures Rising’ now available. It’s dubbed the “horny” mix… and it’s just that. Fronted by a sparkling sax and gorgeous muted trumpet, the cut’s largely instrumental (with occasional vocal forays) but it does offer a sweet and lovely summer vibe and lashings of tuneful optimism and it’s out now!