Never mind 2024! Back track to 1989 and one of that year’s key house releases , the wonderul ‘Tears’ from Satoshi Tomiie, Robert Owens and the Godfather of House Music, dear Frankie Knuckles. It’s a house music classic, so how brave of ELBERT PHILLIPS to offer us a new spin on the tune! Mind you Elbert has plenty of “Knuckles form”. Frankie chose him to be his warm up man and the pair were very, very close. Mr P has also worked with Josh Milan, Ursula Rucker, Shamrock Guitor, and Carla Prather, to name a few. He’s released music on key labels and you might know that he produces the Monthly Statement show for UK station Soul-Power Radio and has a weekly broadcast for Passion Ibiza Radio.

Elbert’s team tell us that the man felt the time was right to resurrect ‘Tears’ as a loving tribute to Frankie  and to help him deliver, he’s drafted in busy UK soul man Andre Espeut. Together  they deliver ‘Tears’ with total respect yet add a fresh perspective. Little wonder the mixes are dubbed “Loving Tribute” mixes

This new ‘Tears’ is a groove for sure but there’s plenty of emotion in both Andre’s vocal and Elbert’s soundscape – which features musicians William Kurk (keys), Tom Laroye (percussion and Prophet 5 Synthesizer), Shamrock Guitor (guitar), and Evans Tate on Soprano Saxophone. Recommended!

Elbert Phillips & Andre Espeut ‘Tears’ will be released on Traxsource promo January 5th / Full release January 18th 2024 on Chillifunk Records.