Canadian soul singer TANIKA CHARLES has been impressing us since 2017 when we first got to know her music. She’s released three albums ‘Soul Run’, ‘The Gumption’ and last year’s ‘Papillion De Nuit (The Night Butterfly)’ and all showed she was true soul powerhouse offering a contemporary  spin on classic diva soul.

Ms Charles is now lining up the release of a live EP, ‘The Union Sessions’. The 5 track mini album was recorded “live” at Union Sound Studios in Toronto. The focus track is ‘Think Of You’ and indeed it’s just been released as a stand-alone single. Interestingly, the song originally appeared on Tanika’s first EP “What? What! What?!” from way back in 2010. She explains:” We carry our past relationships forward with us in one way or another, but some of those memories can themselves be a weighty burden. Rather than wistful remembrance, “Think of You” wishes to not have to think of that ex at all. To not be laden with the scars and damages of the past, but also allow an honest admission of the allure that spawned the avoidable mess.” Musically, ‘Think Of You’ matches the drama of the message. It’s out now with the full EP winning release on July 26th.