CHANCE HAYDEN is a Portland based soul and jazz guitarist. He’s a key part of Portland’s vibrant music scene and you’ll no doubt have caught his name on the credits of Jarrod Lawson and Farnell Newton albums. Chance also enjoys his own solo career and right now he’s busy promoting his new single – a tight and funky instrumental, ‘Shag Bag’ (For UK readers, a shag bag is a bag for carrying golf balls).

Our man wrote the tune during lockdown after kicking around some ideas with another (then) Portland muso, drummer Chris Foster. The pair wanted to come up with something tight and beefy; something that might have graced  the good old  Blue Note label in the 70s.

Now Chris Foster just happens to be the son of Ronnie Foster, so without too much fuss the legendary keyboardist was drafted in (remotely, of course) to play on the track! The result is a funky, guitar-led jazz fusion workout with complementary uplifting keys. The track  also includes Lenny Castro on percussion and a fierce three part horn section (John Nastos, Charlie Porter and Jeff Uusitallo)

CHANCE HAYDEN’S ‘Shag Bag’ is out now.