The maybe oddly named TENDAVILLAGE is a Canadian music collective who work out of Calgary way out there in Alberta! The band’s  focal point is singer/songwriter KATE MELVINA who cites her heroes and influences as people like Stevie Wonder, Prince, D’Angelo and new agers, Moonchild.

You  can hear traces of all those and more on Tendavillage’s latest single – a chilled, cool, jazzy, neo-soul groove, ‘River’. This one’s a real grower and you can guess the vibe from the art work (above) and how Ms Melvina describes the genesis of the song: “ I had just moved out of the place I had been living for the past 5 years and was going through a lot of changes, so I decided to sit down and write something about the transience of life. Sometimes change is sad but I always like to remind myself that change is not “bad” – it just is. And something good coming to an end does not mean ALL good things coming to an end. It means it’s time for new things to happen, which can be truly wonderful!

Find out more @ https://www.tendavillage.com/