Latest offering from Splash Music Productions is ‘Take Me Out Tonight’ , a 14-track album from musician/composer/producer  DIMITRIS DIMOPOULOS. We’ve come across Mr D before – in his guise as “Dimitris and Sulene” – Sulene being Sulene Fleming (sometime vocalist with the Brand New Heavies). The pair fronted the acclaimed album ‘Sparkle’ – a (mainly) upbeat modern soul collection with an infectious weekender dance flavour. Now minus Sulene, Dimitris hits us with more of the same  with ‘Take Me Out Tonight’.

Dimitris is the marquee name on the new album but it’s no less a collaborative effort than the project with Ms Fleming. To flesh out his ideas our man uses a sweep of guest players and vocalists. Biggest “name”, I guess, is Jeff Lorber who adds his distinctive keyboard work to ‘This Feeling You’re Giving’. Vocalist here is Debby Bracknell and the tune’s sweet, danceable; pop/soul vibe sets the tone for much of the remaining album. Vocalist Lifford Shillingford is particularly robust on ‘Thinking Of You’ . Another album highlight is the gentler, reflective ‘Life On Hold’… Susan Allotey on the mic here.

DIMITRIS DIMOPOULOS: Take Me Out Tonight released June 11th via Splash.