Bluey Maunick’s Splash Blue label gets into its 2021 stride with a laid-back little tune from a new, young band called ALIKE. The band comprise bassist Lucas Clahar, vocalist Izzy Marangos, Theo Maniura on keys, and Ethan Sweeting on drums and despite their youth (their average age is just 18!) they craft a remarkably mature sound on ‘Take Me Away’.

They tell us that the dreamy, ethereal, building ‘Take Me Away’ was the first song Izzy and Lucas wrote together. They describe the song as conveying a message that moving forward after a hard situation helps to take pressure off and invariably, takes us onto better things. An escape if you will. Let’s hope those sentiments and aspirations for 2021 come true and take us way from you know what!

AliKe; (their spelling/punctuation by the way) is out on January 8th on Splash Blue.