It was last year when we were introduced to the neo-soul talents of singer / songwriter of Russian-British heritage, MAXINE SCOTT. She entered the fray with an EP that featured different mixes of a song simply called ‘Eryka U Bad’… so you get the idea where Ms S is coming from. She followed that one with another laid back neo-soul/nu jazz thing, ‘Ya Energy’. That one was actually a collaboration with enigmatic UK Beats creator, Alf.E. as was Maxine’s earlier ‘SXC’.

Now Maxine’s back with another (final?) collaboration with Alf.E and between them they offer another gentle, soporific, neo-soul vibe – the lo-fi ‘Guard Down’ which comes complete with a sweet little, heartfelt  monologue from Maxine. It’s intriguing and hypnotic and it’s out now via Ramrock Blue.