Been a while (three years we think), but JOSS STONE is back with some new, soulful music. Dover’s finest has just (without too much fuss or fanfare) released a lovely new single, ‘Walk With Me’. More good news is that Ms Stone has reunited with S Curve, the label that helped launch her career with dear, departed  Betty Wright, and ‘Walk With Me’ (co-authored by Joss and Jonathan Shorten) is a throwback to the earthy, southern soul sound of her Wright-helmed debut, ‘The Soul Sessions’.

Here Ms Stone is in fine vocal form, there are gospel-esque background vocals (courtesy of the Legato Vocal Ensemble) and a Hammond-led backing track that could’ve come right out of Memphis, Muscle Shoals or Florida. Lyrically the song addresses the importance of unity and walking together in times of difficulty.

Joss says: “This song started out as a romantic song asking someone to walk through life with you. When we got to working on it so much had happened with the pandemic, and the doctors and nurses who have given so much of their lives to helping others, as well as what happened with George Floyd, so I rewrote the song. Everyone needs to come together in order to survive this life in peace…. Let’s walk together. Through it all.” 

We believe that ‘Walk With Me’ is a stand-alone project with no mention from her people of a new long player.

JOSS STONE: ‘WALK WITH ME’ out now on S-Curve Records/BMG