Everyone remembers SYLVESTER’S ‘You Make Me Feel Mighty Real’. It was – and remains – a bona fide disco classic – a sonic definition of the glitter ball era. Oddly given the tune’s popularity not a lot is known about the man himself. Sure, most people know that Sylvester was gay and enjoyed his role as a disco icon but few know that he was a tireless worker -educating minority communities about AIDS. Not many know about his charity work or the pride he took in his unofficial role as a gay ambassador.

Well, the record is about to be set right as acclaimed soul writer SHARON DAVIS publishes her biography of Sylvester. ‘Mighty Real: Sharon Davis Remembers Sylvester’ hits the book racks this month and Ms Davis – best known for her extensive and classic writing about Motown – pull no punches. She writes frankly about Sylvester’s unpredictability and stubbornness and his love to shock. But she also explores his thoughtful and caring nature and offers intimate insights into his personality.

Sharon is ideally placed to write the book. In the late 70s, she was Sylvester’s publicist and worked night and day with him, finally sharing his big moments and helping him live his dream. The book is also stuffed with record company reports and schedules accompanied by exclusive and personal visuals to bring alive the time they shared in 1978, making this book a valuable insight into a hit in the making.

“Mighty Real: Sharon Davis Remembers Sylvester” is published by Bank House Books & Media and available from all reputable book sites. We’ll bring you a full review very soon.