MARC STAGGERS has topped all the credible soul charts with his current album ‘Let’s Go Out Tonight’. Over here most of the album cuts have been getting plenty of airplay alongside spins in the best dance emporia. In the States, however, its seems that one particular track is winning most of the plaudits … the jaunty ‘Swing It Baby’. And yes, it is a great little dancer with simple lyrics that encourage you to swing it left and right… couldn’t be more simple!

Anyway to satisfy US demand Marc’s people have had the tune remixed by no lesser a mix meister than JOHN MORALES. The end result is one of big John’s irresistible M&M signature mixes – guaranteed to fill floors for months and months. It clocks in at just under 7 minutes, though for the faint hearted there is a shorter “radio edit”.

MARC STAGGERS – SWING IT BABY – John Morales Mixes – Released 19th April