Ace Records’ latest release in their songwriter series is a third volume of the collected works of husband and wife team ELLIE GREENWHICH and JEFF BARRY.

The 24 tracker is named for the quintessential Brill Building sound ‘Whisper Sweet Things’ from the Jelly Beans. Recorded in 1964, it was never released till 1987 on a Jelly Beans’ retrospective. It’s rarity is countered by lots of well-known items like The Crystals ‘Then He Kissed Me’ and the Shangri Las’ ‘Leader Of The Pack’. Soul wise there are contributions from people like Wilson Pickett (a great reading of the Archie’s pop hit ‘Sugar Sugar’) and Freddie Scott (the growling ‘Am I Grooving You’). You also get a lovely Dusty Springfield tune, ‘What Good Is I Love You’

Jeff and Ellie also get a track each themselves. Both form 1965 when they were signed to Red Bird; both ‘You Don’t Know’ and ‘Our Love Can Still Be Saved’ are perfect mid 60s American pop artefacts!