Latest release from Finland’s Timmion Records is a gentle, wistful ballad, ‘Indecision’ from FRANKA OROZA. Ms Oroza is the sister of Finnish blue-eyed soul star Bobby Oroza and that soulful vibe is clearly in the family DNA.

Franka’s ‘Indecision’ is a building beat ballad featuring the Timmion Records house band, Cold Diamond & Mink. It’s an effortless affair and Franka says: “’Indecision’ is about a state of mind where you can’t decide whether you’re in the right place in life, or if you choose the right paths to get where you’d like to be at. Being a little envious of a clarity other people may seem to have. At the same time being content in the freedom of living in the moment. It’s also about falling in love and wanting to be in love in a way that lets both lovers be as free as can be.”

Franka’s ‘Indecision’ isn’t released till May – but with the vinyl situation as it stands, pre-release orders might be sensible. The Timmion web site will give you the details (we presume!)