Like me you probably haven’t heard the name SHERREE PATRICE – but I’m confident, that you will have heard her voice. You see, she’s sung BVs on  something like 44 Platinum Records and 11 Gold ones! Her sweet, soulful voice has graced record by people like Celine Dion and Carlos Santana while she’s a go to girl for song writers wanting someone to do justice to a demo track.

Right now, she is stepping out on her own and she’s just released a soulful cover of the Anita Baker classic, ‘Sweet Love’ . This version is sufficiently different to Ms Baker’s original to warrant serious investigation. Where Anita’s take was a gentle builder with a special kind of subtlety, Sherree’s take is more full-on, dare I say more old school soulful betraying her gospel roots. Out now via Brown Butterfly entertainment.