MR MAPH is the musical alter ego of London vocalist Michael Andrew Paterson Harding (M A P H – geddit!). He now works out of Marbella, Spain (lucky old him!) and he recently made the final of the Spanish version of ‘The Voice’.

He releases music on a regular basis – much of it dance music, but at the back end of last year he released a lovely, soulful single, ‘Sweet Dancer’, which, now remastered, as the title track to a Mr Maph EP.

The tune is well worth investigating. It’s a gentle but intense groove with layered, shifting harmonies that owe more than a little to dear Marvin Gaye. The EP’s three other tracks are in the same late night, sensual vein (the art work, above, underlines   that mood). They are ‘Emotions’, ‘Who Cares’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which is actually a different take on ‘Who Cares’.

All four cuts deliver;  they’re passionate  ballads on which Maph glides effortlessly from gritty old school soul to sweet Philly style falsetto vocals. Out now