Way back in February (Valentines Day, to be precise) we told you about a brand new KEITH SWEAT single…. a suitably romantic ‘Good Love’. We were told back then that the cut was the lead single from the ‘Make It Last Forever’ man’s upcoming album. Well, 6 months later the promised album is with us!

‘Dress To Impress’ is Sweat’s 12th studio album and it’s his first in five years. Much of the music on the lengthy 16 tracker is smooth and romantic… very much in the vein of that Valentines single ‘Good Love’. songs like ‘Back And Forth’, ‘Special, Night’ and ‘Let’s Go To Bed’ need little explanation. However, Keith’s heart-warming delivery, his sincerity and passion coupled with sumptuous, no- expenses spared production values keep things on the right side of cheesy! Indeed these big romantic, moments are almost perfect artefacts of contemporary R&B balladry.

Other decent romantic moments include ‘Tonight’ (sweet harmonies here) and ‘Lovers And Friends’ while despite its title ‘Give You All Of Me’ is a sprightly beater, indeed the LP’s only real up-tempo moment. So, ‘Dress To Impress’ strictly for those real, romantic moments and it’s out now on Sony UK.