Chart statistics followers might well have noticed a rocketing tune on the Billboard Dance Chart. It’s a testifying, gospel-inspired anthem called ‘There Must Be Love’ and it comes courtesy of the Godfather of House, DAVID MORALES in tandem with fiery vocalist JANICE ROBINSON (anoraks will remember her from Livin’ Joy who scored with ‘Dreamer’).

The track is fired through with gospel energy. Ms Robinson is in remarkable, passionate form and the tune is guaranteed to fill any proper dance floor.

A number of mixes are currently available but here’s what we think are the best (and most soulful) of the bunch….

First up there’s the “Disco Juice” mix which while retaining all the gospel passion adds elements of Philly and some classic disco flourishes. Best way to describe it? Donna Summer meets ‘Backstabbers’ with some fab vibes in the mix too!

Then there’s a tweak from mix man of the moment, Nigel Lowis. Given his love for all things Philly, no prizes for guessing that he cranks up the ‘Backstabbers’ quotient.

In any of the mixes, this is a winner and ‘There Must Be Love’ is available from September 27th on Def Mix Records.