THE WEATHER GIRLS (now fronted by the dynamic gospel reared vocals of Dynelle Rhodes, daughter of original member Izora Rhodes) are about to unleash their funkiest jam yet – ‘Supa Luv. If we tell you that it’s a collaboration with a certain, now Germany-based, TERRI GREEN, you’ll know right away that we’re talking proper soul quality. Terri wrote the song with Dynelle and guitar man /producer  Herman Heinrich Behrens and between them they’ve crafted a potential funk classic!

However if “for real”, tough funk’s not for you – don’t worry, Terri and her team are also offering  the song in a wonderful, contemporary soul mix  courtesy of  UK’s own FRANK BLYTHE, who adds adds another layer of soul intrigue and interest. It’s a little smoother – but still soulfully “for real”, if you get my drift. Well, it couldn’t be anything else with Dynelle and Terri involved! The team have tagged it the “RnB Rub Remix”

The collaboration, by the way, is part of Terri’s latest endeavor, the Soul Machine Music brand, which is aimed at promoting and providing diverse platforms for showcasing independent soul artists. ‘Supa Luv’ – in its various mixes – gets the brand off to a super dooper start! (see what we did there!)  Out May 11th.

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